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The White House Christmas Tree Ornament - 2001


below are links to see the various views of the ornament and the incredible WHITE HOUSE VISIT

Southwest corner of house

Detail to show gold leaf and Top of house

Northwest corner of house

Back of house 

North side to show title and signature

Enlarged back to show quarter


At the White House with my friends and Mrs. Bush



I had the honor in 2001, to be selected as one of the artists to make a Christmas tree ornament for the White House. The tree that we decorated was the main indoor tree, located in the blue room.

There were four artists chosen from every state, to make a total of 200 ornaments for the tree. Each state was asked to select four people to represent their state.

The theme of these ornaments, At Home for the Holidays, was officially announced by Mrs. Bush on December 3, at the White House reception held for the artists.

The guidelines given to us were: -a prominent historical home or house of worship from state; -three dimensional; -lightweight, 6-8oz; -color predominately white, however roof and shutters may be colored; -gold cord to hang ornament; -name of home and signature.

As my ornament, I chose the birthplace of Woodrow Wilson, our 28th President of the United States, 1913-1921. Thomas Woodrow Wilson was born in Staunton, VA, December 28, 1856.

I made my ornament from white acid free watercolor paper, with the roof, doors, and shutters being black acid free watercolor paper. I also used 23K gold leaf, and a Virginia State Quarter for ballast. A simple gold colored cord is attached to the roof for hanging.

I am still very excited and honored by this, and enjoyed seeing what the others designed for the tree.