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The trip to Thailand inspired my newest works.

The opening for this exhibition, is Friday, May 28, 2010 at the CoArt Gallery in Staunton, VA, 5-8pm.

The exhibit runs May 28 - June 24, 2010

CoArt Gallery is located at 22 W. Beverley Street, Staunton, VA. Phone: 540-886-0737

  This is a link to the catalog page with the Thai Cuttings


Opening: Thailand!


More info about the opening on Facebook

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In June of 2009, Mr. Philip Simmons died. I received this news from a friend, who sent me a newspaper clipping. I opened the envelope, read the news, and cried.

Later, I was inspired by another clipping about ironwork being made in his memory. In 2010, I did a mini series of cuttings dedicated to his memory. I call them Philip Simmons Elements. There were four cuttings. Star, Bass, Heart, and Palm.

Mr. Simmons is a National Treasure, and the blacksmith of Charleston, SC. I was fortunate to meet him and get to know him when I exhibited my work at a show in Charleston. He was a wonderful person, and a very talented and gifted blacksmith.

These can be seen either in my catalog here, or on my Facebook catalog.


  Since my trip to Thailand with my son, Thomas, daughter-in-law, Supa, and granddaughter Elise, I am again accepting commissions. This trip was the full month of July 2009.  


I was approached, in the Fall of 2008, to contribute to a book. It is a craft book put out by Lark Books, is about paper and paper cuttings. I am one of several artists. The name of the book is, Paper Cuts by Taylor Hagerty.

It was published in January 2010.









In the Fall of 2008, I had the largest commission I have ever had. The CEO of the South Carolina Federal Credit Union commissioned me to create Christmas presents for all of their board members! They all had to be the same present, but of course, each one was slightly different, since they were individually done. There were 27 board members. I was amazed that this could happen with the economy in it's current state. I finished all the gates on time, and enjoyed getting to know Sandi and Scott when they came to Staunton. Scott later sent me pictures of the gifts being presented and the dinner celebration. He also sent me a CD of my publications and a great canvas bag. It was a pleasure doing business with them and getting to know them. We plan to visit them in Charleston, SC in the future.




  Before Christmas, I did the Tabletop House display for Melissa