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From 1988 to 2004, I traveled all over the country displaying my work at both indoor and outdoor shows.

In 2004 I stopped doing shows. I have been very fortunate in the responses I have gotten about my work, and as a consequence, my work has taken a new direction. There are people who are private collectors, and owned through corporate purchases. I sell my work through galleries and from my web site.

I am, again, doing commissions, with emphasis on work that is exciting to me. This is a very important factor in being a fulfilled artist.

You can now buy my work, either here, through my web site, or from galleries and exhibitions.


booth shots

The Process

First I do a freehand drawing of the gate I want to cut. It may be a noteworthy or historic gate, a commission, or one that is just in my head.

Then I refine that drawing to something I feel I can cut, trying always to challenge my abilities. I drop some of the detail that may be confusing or impossible to cut, and almost always add a signature detail of my own.




 After I finish the cutting, I mount it on a clear acrylic sheet, sometimes adding a small accent (such as a watercolor, a 14K gold twisted wire, or a freshwater pearl). Some of my work has more than one layer. Each of these separate pieces needs to be aligned with the others.

After the drawing is to my liking, I put it on the white side of the silhouette paper. I used to trace my drawings to the paper, but found I bruised it. Now I have my drawings printed to the white side 

I place the paper on a self healing rotary mat, and cut with a surgical scalpel and #11 blade. I don't worry about "staying in the lines" since this is my own drawing and another chance to add more detail; thus each piece is unique and individually cut.


After mounting, I use spacers to separate the layers, which gives it a three dimensional effect.

Finally I mat and frame it, echoing the theme of the cutting.

The trick to making really wonderful paper cuttings is meticulous attention to the smallest detail.



 Mr. Philip Simmons

...from Charleston, SC

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Mr. Simmons is my favorite living blacksmith and a national treasure. He has forged most of the ironwork in Charleston, SC within the past seventy some years.